Here are many very useful links! If you have a new one to add that is not listed here please contact us. We are constantly adding new information to this site so continue to check back I'm sure there will be new stuff here every time you visit!

Other Spanish Teachers Web Sites (really good) (also really good!)

Teacher Tools cool site that allows teachers to create web quests and worksheets on line and then monitor what students do as well as have students create "web poster" for different projects (really cool and kinda fun!) a site for creating buttons and text for your web page (works really well) really great site that allows students to take quizzes and practice and allows the teacher to monitor what each student does site that allows you to create worksheets, quizzes and flashcards (kind of confusing but decent) rubrics a bunch of tools for creating games and other stuff another site for creating games and worksheets a lesson plan generator (not my favorite; kind of a pain) tools to help you make sure you are meeting your states standards with your lessons (really rich!) search site for web quests online test generator that grades and then e-mails the grades to you (simple but good!)

Web-based Lesson Ideas a site that gives vocabulary practice while also donating to a good cause (really cool) allows you to create your own comic strip (really good) another comic strip creator web site many lesson ideas about teaching culture interactive story site advanced (really cool)

Web Quests Spanish speaking country webquest trip to Spain webquest (good) &searchfield=descrip&search=Search SDSU Database a few different Spanish web quests for different levels a web quest travel to Spain a listing of lesson plans for Spanish teachers a more advanced quest (all in Spanish) web quest over Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilizations Day of the Dead (really good) another Day of the Dead more Day of the Dead web quest about Mexico Spanish in the U.S. web quest Spanish Civil War web quest tons of great quests (really good)

Children's Books in Spanish a really cool site that allows you to read entire children's books from many different countries including illustrations!

Spanish Culture photos of places in Spain with captions

Really Good Practice with Video and/or Sound if you click on the "Spanish Christmas Dinner" link it's really great!

Really Good Practice interactive website for all levels of Spanish (it might even be helpful for teachers practice)(really good)
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