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Confused about where to go? Get some help below!

There has been some confusion in the past as to how to get the the Northeast Arkansas Educational Co-op located in Walnut Ridge. Below you will find the driving directions to the Co-op for once you have arrived in the vicinity of Hoxie.

You need to take the Hoxie Exit off of the Main Highway. Once you have taken that exit you will continue on that road for quite a distance. You will come to a stop light which you need to continue straight through and you will also go over some train tracks. You need to turn left after the Hay's grocery store. There should be a Co-op sign visible and then continue down that small road and vere right and you should be there.

For future questions or even better directions you should contact Melanie Inman or try out or google maps gadget below. As a warning the last few directions from google maps are incorrect. You should follow our directions given above once you have actually arrived at Walnut Ridge. The google maps gadget should only be used to get you to Walnut Ridge.

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